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The Diary Of Lex Keridwen

This week was all wrong. It broke and redefined all the conceptions I had of my school but unfortunately the conclusions were scary and revolting. Our school is considered an ‘elite’ high school which only brilliant girls attend but sadly intelligence doesn’t always rhyme with good conduct or nice manners…

Bullying is the act of intimidating a weaker person. Bullying is being noisily domineering. Bullying is aggressive behavior, with negative intent, directed from one person to another where there is a power imbalance. Bullying is similar to a hate crime. But most importantly, bullying is wrong! Everywhere these can be read, be it on the net or in brochures, and all promote ‘reporting bullying’, ‘standing up’ and ‘speaking out’. They say stuff like ‘Kids must be able to safely report incidents of bullying, knowing when to report, how to report, and where to report. Students must know that they will be heard and that you will…

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Classic ‘StarCraft’ still conquers the competition

As the highly anticipated “StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty” title waits in the wings, a trip to the original game that started it all seemed in order.

I felt it was necessary to re-experience the magic of a wonderful classic, so I popped in the dusty “StarCraft: Brood War” disc just lying there in a desk drawer and then challenged my roommate to some friendly matches.

March 1998 marked a milestone for the real-time strategy genre to be forever changed with the release of this PC title. Blizzard Entertainment’s “StarCraft” brought fresh ideas and concepts to the table. As opposed to having two playable races that merely had cosmetic differences, “StarCraft” revolutionized the RTS formula by bringing a third race to the mix.

The “StarCraft” concept involves the galactic warfare between the Terran, the Zerg and the Protoss. Armed to the teeth with weapons like machine guns, flamethrowers, tanks and space fleets, the nomadic Terran race is compromised of the hi-tech humans. Meanwhile, the Zerg consists of bug-like monstrosities that attack in massive swarms, overwhelming their foes with sheer numbers. And finally, the Protoss represents the sophisticated, telepathic alien civilization with access to advance technology.

“StarCraft” uses the RTS staple of gathering resources, building up an army and then engaging the opponent in combat. Each playable race has various strengths and weaknesses to keep in mind, so each one plays completely different from the next. For instance, the Zerg race relies on sheer numbers to win because its units are cheaper at the expense of being on the weak side. On the other hand, the Protoss units are generally more powerful, but they eat up more resources to produce.

Despite the races being so different from one another, the game’s well-balanced design proves to be a testament of time, even to this day. No matter what race a player chooses to use, one can rest assured that their race can contend with and defeat any other given race with the appropriate execution and strategy. Matches thus become decided by genuine individual skill rather than a rock-paper-scissor matchup between the races – like it should be.

I just have a blast whenever I revisit this decade-old title. The graphics certainly look dated, but the classic sound effects are always a treat for the ears. “StarCraft” retains its popularity with its amazing gameplay that modern RTS titles attempt to replicate. With that said, it is no surprise that “StarCraft” is still played to this day, particularly in competitive gaming.

A proper sequel to this sci-fi masterpiece has been long overdue. Because the release of “StarCraft II” is just around the corner, fans are counting down the days with bated breath. Finally, one can only imagine how high Blizzard Entertainment can take this beloved franchise. With such high expectations, “StarCraft II” definitely has the development pedigree to be another smash hit for the upcoming gaming generation.

For the Swarm!

Nhan-Fiction Score: 5/5


Sorority hosts dancing event for charity

Story by Paula Mehrkens from The Daily Evergreen.

Participants have a chance to hit the dance floor with choreographed routines to raise money for the Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse organization.


‘date night’ rehashes rom-com cliches

“Date Night” attempts to disguise the typical romantic-comedy formula, but it ultimately results in a jumbled mess.

Review by Oliver Ryder from The Daily Evergreen.

While watching “Date Night,” I was bombarded by laughter from all sides. There was even one woman who made me wonder if she’d ever seen a comedy before – she was whooping, screaming and clapping her hands as if she’d discovered some delightful new invention. Oh, how I wish I was watching whatever film they were seeing.

It’s never a fun experience to be trapped amid hyenas who make me look miserable for not joining in. But “Date Night” offered nothing but a tired old rom-com template that just happened to feature a bit of “action.” “Action” placed in the strictest of parenthesis.


‘Sherlock Holmes’ film worth investigating

Review by Jordan Magrath from The Daily Evergreen

A film lover doesn’t need Sherlock Holmes himself to find the movie’s greatest qualities.


Follow the ‘Footprints of Vietnam’

The Cougar VSA will be hosting the “Footprings of Vietnam” event, starting 6 p.m. Saturday in the CUB Senior Ballroom. The event will feature cultural performances, and guests can try out phở, a Vietnamese noodle soup dish. Tickets are $15 presale and $20 at the door.


Watch ‘The Thing’ on the Big Screen

Article by Oliver Ryder from The Daily Evergreen

From March 26 to 28, “The Thing” makes its way to the CUB Auditorium as part of a Student Entertainment Board film event.

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